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FEBRUARY 12-2022




Please get your Application in early if you are interested in a puppy from upcoming litters. Our puppies are in high demand and most are reserved before they are 2 weeks old.



The puppies below are all SOLD!  Updated 04/23/2020


Shadow is SOLD!


The puppies below have all been sold


White boy 2                                                                                                                                 


Black boy 1                                                                                                                          White boy 2


Black & Silver male  SOLD ! 


River Song and Obi Wan litter born 11/02/2017:  

                          S&P female SOLD!!                                                         



Ice Flower and Obi Wan : all white litter born Oct 4, 2017. 

Mr. Obi Green      SOLD!                                                                        

 Please note: our white puppies are pure white with BLACK PIGMENT and dark brown eyes according to the GERMAN PSK/FCI/UKC breed standards.  We DO NOT breed the undesirable/unacceptable colors or patterns of white chocolate, parti, liver, merle, or brown pigment.  We research our lines to ensure these colors or patterns are NOT in our lines. That is why most of our dogs are imported from countries that do not allow such unacceptable deviations from the true breed standard.

   Our puppies are potty trained to use a litter box of shavings, love to be held, and play with toys. They will be groomed, have first shots & dewormed.  They come with a new collar and leash, bag of puppy food, new toy, 3 yr health contract, and AKC papers. Available as pet or for show/breeding. Be sure to fill out and submit the pre-purchase application on this site if you are interested in any of our available puppies or older dogs.               Contact us for more info:   740-970-0095         Rices.Minis@gmail.com



CONTACT: Karin by phone or  text 740-970-0095  for more info and sales contract. Please fill out the pre-purchase application on our web if you are interested in one of our puppies.  Call or email me if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer them.

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS: Many people think they do not want a male puppy because they are afraid they will start marking in the house. Our little males make excellent pets! If you neuter a male before he is 12 months old and you potty train him correctly, he will not start marking the house. I have mature intact males in my house who do not mark.  Also, if you have a pet female and are looking for a companion for her, males get along better with females. Two neutered males also get along great together as playmates.  In fact, my intact males get along together!  Our males are super loveable!   


phone or text :  740-970-0095

email: Rices.Minis@gmail.com


Full registrations on breeding/show potential pups. Limited AKC registrations for all puppies sold as pets which MUST be spayed or neutered. Three  year Health guarantee on all puppies. Dewclaws removed and tails docked. Natural ears. Will be up to date on shots and deworming.  Shipping charges, crates, health papers are extra.  We do not guarantee any pup to be "show quality" until it has been shown successfully.  A show/ breeding quality pup is one determined to be free of disqualifying faults and of excellent quality. Pups may be reserved on approval by non-refundable deposit $300 (inside USA) or $500  for pups being exported to foreign countries or future litters with natural tails if desired.  We do not accept advance deposits for puppies remaining in the USA.  We do not crop puppy ears. If you desire your puppy's ears cropped you must have your own vet do it. Ear cropping requires a lot of post-op care and we leave this option up to the new owners. A Pre-Purchase application must be approved before a deposit will be accepted. Deposits must be made before the pups are 2 days old for Natural tails or they will be docked. 

We ship  worldwide depending on weather and destination country restrictions. We invite foreigners and all new owners to fly in to pick up their puppy to ensure the puppy's safety during the flight in cabin. Puppies can accompany their owners in the cabin of the plane in a carry-on soft sided crate.

 All of our puppies are whelped in the house and raised among other dogs and people who adore them and play with them a lot. They are all well socialized, up to date on vaccinations, dewormed regularly, crate trained, and taught simple commands such as "no bite" , "sit" , and "down" as time permits after 8 weeks old.  Depending on their age, some may be housebroken to use a  litter box or doggie door and may be microchipped. Each puppy goes to its new home with a new collar and leash, a toy it is familiar with, a 3 or more generation pedigree, and a current vaccination/deworming schedule,

and a 3 year sales/health contract!
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our wonderful little Miniature Schnauzers. When you purchase or adopt a dog from Rice's Miniature Schnauzers you not only get a friend for life, but you also get our commitment to help you raise a healthy happy dog by being available to answer any questions or give advice when asked. We do not forget about our clients after they purchase a dog. We encourage our clients to stay in touch and let us know how each one of our babies is progressing.  

We welcome all inquiries. 

We accept PayPal 

If you wish to pay by major credit card we can invoice you through PayPal. 

US Airfare: $350
Vet Certificate: $100.00 
New Crate and pad: 70.00 
New collar and Leash: no charge 
The cost of Love: Priceless



Rollin Jackson, S&P puppy out of PINK and RENNIE born August 20, 2016. Pictured below, He is a very handsome boy who now lives in IL with his new family. His sire is UKC CHAMPION, Renaissance V Brukenthal, who was Reserve Top Ten Miniature Schnauzer at the UKC Premier in Kalamazoo, Michigan  in 2016.

PINK AND RENNIE puppies born 02/10/2016


The puppies in these videos are all sold! Please fill out the Pre-Purchase application on our website if you are interested in purchasing one of our wonderful puppies out of a future litter. 


DEMI AND BARRY'S LITTER BORN OCTOBER 16, 2015. These pups are all in their new homes.

Above is the red collar boy.

Above is Blue collar boy. 


Above is Daisy. Her mother tried to pull her closer by  her ear and pinched the tip off when she was first born,, but her owners think she is so adorable.

Above is the B&S girl, "Mazzie" I am keeping for show. 

Above is Sophie girl. She resides with Mary and Richard.


This white litter is all sold. 

Boston and Harmony pups Pictured below at 8 weeks old showing off their new haircuts.




CADE in now in his new home.

  All the puppies in the videos below are SOLD! 

Our puppies use litter boxes. Easy to transition them to go outside. Convenient for bad weather when you don't want to take your puppy out! Watch the video below:


The video below was taken 01/27/15 at 9 weeks old.




Below are Pink's puppies at 3 weeks: Notice how black the pigment is on the white puppies noses and pads of feet has turned. 




 Below is Raven with her litter





Excuse Rose's dirty face, she just got done whelping pups and hasn't had time for a face wash. See their pics below: 

Below are Rose's pups at 12 days old :


If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from a future litter please fill out the Pre-puchase application on this website and submit to us .

You MUST fill out an application to be put on our waiting list. Our puppies are normally reserved within a week after they are born from people on our waiting list, so get your application in early because we notify people in the order we receive your applications.